what we believe in
Creating win-win real estate deals through hard work and doing the right thing.


What we do

We invest in rehabs and new construction in Nashville, TN. We specialize in residential land deals.

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Who we are

Adam & Jacobson Investments was founded by serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in real estate, sales, and computer science.

We believe in hard work and fostering long term relationships by doing the right thing.

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Why invest in Real Estate?
Cash Flow
Monthly rent covers all expenses and provides profit to the owners.
Tax Benefits
Tax write-offs keep more profit in your pocket than other asset classes
Real estate has historically outperformed the S&P 500 and is less volatile.
Real estate appreciates in value.
Rent payments build equity, creating long-term wealth.
Real estate is one of the easiest assets to finance, so your money goes further.
We buy land.
Have some land you're considering selling? We'd be happy to make you an offer on it.